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Sciences et Avenir: A machine produces personalized skin

The popular French science magazine Sciences et Avenir has published an article explaining the science behind our denovoSkin and denovoCast innovations, and the promise that this brings to patients suffering from severe skin burns and injuries. The journalist had visited CUTISS to see this for herself and to speak with our CEO Daniela and CIO Vincent. “Swiss …

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Further proof of principle for denovoSkin on a massive burn with a one-year follow-up

The latest edition of Burns Open, the peer reviewed international journal, has published the case report of a 14-year-old who sustained deep flame burns involving 95% total body surface area burn (TBSA). As part of the treatment at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, the patient received CUTISS’s denovoSkin grafts (12% TBSA) alongside other treatments.

The published paper is based on a one-year follow-up of the patient, who is doing well, and provides further proof of principle for denovoSkin use on massive burns over a long period of time. It also marks the first compassionate use of denovoSkin in Switzerland.

Specifically, the paper includes the following key points regarding denovoSkin:

• Four deliveries of 10 sheets each enabled us to cover about 12% of the patient‘s TBSA. Take rates were high (80–90%), irrespective of the wound bed preparation and early mobilisation of the patient.

• Results remained consistent showing natural, robust surfaces, near normal elasticity, and no hypertrophic scarring. Assessing the patients‘ skin over a course of several months since grafting, there were no significant skin contraction and secondary reconstructive surgery had not been necessary.

• Notably, there was no difference in take rates irrespective of location. Take rates were high even in notoriously delicate areas with high shearing forces such as the proximal dorsal thigh.

• Generally speaking, clinical assessments several months after application have shown that denovoSkin is maturing favourably, without instabilities or recurrent open wounds, and that hypertrophic scarring was not evident.

While the clinical evolution of this case will continue to be monitored and analysed, this paper provides very promising observations on the denovoSkin use in massive burns one year after its application on an adolescent.

The full report case can be read online, see link below.

denovoSkin promises to take skin surgery for burns to the next level and revolutionize current treatments. It is a bio-engineered and personalized dermo-epidermal human skin graft, currently in Phase IIb clinical trials in Switzerland and the European Union, with Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of burns from Swissmedic, EMA, and FDA.

CUTISS is also developing the world’s first machine that can automate the entire production process of the personalized skin graft.


EBA 2019 Helsinki

CUTISS AG is present with a booth at the EBA 2019 in Helsinki. Further information about the congress, also for the upcoming events of the EBA can be found under “Learn more”

csem final

CSEM article on Innosuisse Grant

Swiss researchers want to develop the first-ever automated machine to bioengineer personalised skin grafts for therapy. The denovoCast project, a collaboration between life science start-up Cutiss AG and CSEM, has been awarded a grant of more than CHF 800’000 by Innosuisse.

Interview with Daniela Marino on CNN Money Switzerland

Switzerland is perfect for Startups, but… Switzerland boasts some of the best skills in the world, according to Daniela Marino. The Cutiss CEO says Switzerland is also the “perfect place” to be an entrepreneur. So what’s the catch? When it comes to money, Swiss investors aren’t as willing to take risks as their American counterparts.

Interview mit Daniela Marino auf CNN Money Switzerland.


Interview with Daniela Marino on

“The B round will need to provide 30-40 million CHF to support the market access.”

by Patrick Gunti Ms. Marino, Cutiss has developed a revolutionary method to produce human skin in the lab. How did that happen?
In 2001 the Tissue Biology Reseach Unit, a research lab of the Department of Surgery of the University Children’s hospital in Zurich started working on skin bio-engineering to solve an unmet clinical need mostly connected to burns. Unfortunately, standard of care to treat large, deep burns is scarce and ineffective leading very often to highly debilitating, disfiguring scarring. Via personalized skin tissue bio-engineering one could permanently treat large wound surfaces and minimize the scarring.

Forbes article about CUTISS “La peau sur mesure”

Article in French only.

Start-up suisse créée en 2017 et spécialisée dans la biotechnologie, CUTISS AG est une jeune entreprise adossée à l’Université de Zürich. Son application ? La peau ! Spécialisée dans la reconstitution de peau sur-mesure, Cutiss travaille main dans la main avec des hôpitaux européens, Suisses, Hollandais et Anglais, et travaille déjà à son futur : démocratiser la fabrication de peau pour les grands blessés et pour toutes les autres personnes ayant besoin d’une greffe de peau.

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