TeleZüri features CUTISS’s denovoSkin™: Advancing Burn Treatment

Discover CUTISS’s strides in developing the personalized skin tissue therapy denovoSkin™, as seen on TeleZüri’s CheckUp. The segment shares a patient’s remarkable recovery story, demonstrates how our pioneering skin graft technology can positively impact patients’ lives, and includes insights from CEO Dr. Daniela Marino. Watch the reportage to see the significant advancements denovoSkin™ brings to […]

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Interview about denovoSkin™ in Superinteressante

The popular and influential Brazilian science magazine Superinteressante interviewed our CEO Daniela Marino about our development of denovoSkin™. The article describes the ways in which denovoSkin™ could revolutionize skin surgery and benefit patients worldwide. “We’re moving towards the last stage of development, and we hope to bring the technology to patients soon,” said Daniela in

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GEN interview

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), the leading life sciences publication, recently interviewed our CEO Daniela Marino. The article reports on CUTISS’s progress with denovoSkin™ and the clinical trials, how the company plans to restore patients’ own skin pigmentation, the key role of automation to meet the scale up challenge, and CUTISS’s global ambitions. “The product

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Fierce Biotech interview

The leading industry media Fierce Biotech reported on the news that CUTISS sent human skin cells into space, for advanced R&D testing on the International Space Station. Our Chief Innovation Officer Vincent Ronfard explained in his interview the reasons for conducting such experiments and what we hope to achieve. The initial round of experiments will

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BioVoice CUTISS interview with Dr. Daniela Marino

Following our presence at Arab Health 2023 we had the opportunity to speak with BioVoice, the top Indian bioscience news magazine. In the interview, our CEO Daniela Marino shared the progress that CUTISS has been making in bioengineering the personalized skin graft denovoSkin, the commercial plans around skin pigmentation, and the exciting innovations in regenerative

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Gulf Today interview

CUTISS exhibited at the Arab Health 2023 expo in Dubai and had the opportunity to speak with Gulf Today. Our CEO Daniela Marino talked about how she got into the field, what made her decide to start a company, and the promising innovations that CUTISS is developing in skin tissue engineering, skin pigmentation, and regenerative

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Swiss RTS television reportage on innovation and denovoCast

More than a year since CUTISS announced the world’s first machine to bioengineer human skin, the news continues to generate interest and excitement. As part of their program focused on Swiss innovation, the broadcaster RTS (Neuchatel) visited CUTISS and CSEM who helped develop the denovoCast machine, to find out how automation can scale-up the production

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ceo magazine interview

The October issue of PwC Switzerland’s ceo magazine is dedicated to the topic of courage. The courage to make decisions, and the courage to set out on the path of entrepreneurship. Our CEO Daniela was interviewed for this edition where she talked about setting up CUTISS, her ambitions, calculated risks, and outcomes for patients suffering from severe burns.

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Tribune de Côte d’Azur reports on CUTISS Innovation

The Tribune de Côte d’Azur covered the first ‘Impact Awards’ 2022, a jury-led competition organized by Team Côte d’Azur that recognizes leading companies of the local economic ecosystem. CUTISS Innovation, our French subsidiary, was honored to win the ‘Innovation’ trophy for continued innovation and research into regenerative medicine and skin pigmentation. Our director Cécile Cousin was

Tribune de Côte d’Azur reports on CUTISS Innovation Read More »

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