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Established in 2017, CUTISS is a Swiss clinical-stage life sciences company focused on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and skin pigmentation.

We are a spin-off from University of Zurich (UZH) / University Children’s Hospital, headquartered at the Bio-Technopark in Zurich.

Our team consists of over 40 employees, top notch senior executives, advisors and investors. It includes scientists, medical doctors, GMP manufacturers, translational researchers and regulatory experts, clinical trial managers, as well as product and business development and industrial expertise.

Our subsidiary company CUTISS Innovation is based at Sophia Antipolis in France, and is focused on R&D and innovation in regenerative medicine.

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Dr. Daniela<br> Marino

Dr. Daniela

CEO / Co-Founder /
Member of Board of Directors
Dr. Vincent<br> Ronfard

Dr. Vincent

Chief Innovation
Kathi<br> Mujynya Ludunge

Mujynya Ludunge

Chief Operating

Board of Directors

Prof. Martin<br> Meuli

Prof. Martin

President of the BoD /
Giammaria<br> Giuliani


Member of the
Prof. Ernst<br> Reichmann

Prof. Ernst

Member of the BoD /
Dr. Daniela<br> Marino

Dr. Daniela

Member of the BoD /
Dr. Gérard<br> Ber

Dr. Gérard

Member of the BoD

Key Advisors

Ralf<br> Rosenow


Legal Council and
Secretary to the BoD
Dr. med.<br> Luc Téot

Dr. med.
Luc Téot

Ad interim
Medical Officer
Prof. Thierry<br> Passeron

Prof. Thierry

Medical Advisor
Dr. Anke<br> Ness

Dr. Anke

Ad interim
Dr. med. Clemens<br> Schiestl

Dr. med. Clemens

Medical Advisor
and Co-Founder

Founding Team

CUTISS Founders

CUTISS Founders

from left to right
PD Dr. med. Clemens Schiestl, Prof. Dr. Ernst Reichmann, Prof. Dr. med. Martin Meuli, Dr. sc. Daniela Marino, Dr. sc. nat. Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch

All founders used to work for Kinderspital Zurich and TBRU (Tissue Biology Research Unit). A huge thank you is owed to those who supported us from the early years onwards, such as Fondation Gaydoul, Thérèse Meier, Fondation Sana, Vontobel Stiftung and many more.

Meet the CUTISS Team

Our Departments



f.l.t.r.: Stella Nuber, Dr. Vincent Ronfard (Head of Department),
Dr. Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch, Nicole Weiner
Research and Development

Research and Development

f.l.t.r: Dr. Anna-Lena Murphy, Elena Zanini, Dr. Johanna Diener, Giuditta Thoma,
Pablo Marty, Zuzana Oulehlovà, Angela Bucherer, Dr. Laurent Barnes,
Dr. Vincent Ronfard (Head of Department)
front: Luca Vernazza, Hatice Özcan, Thomas Jörimann
GMP Production

GMP Production

f.l.t.r.: Kathi Mujynya (Head of Department), Stella Nuber, Nathalie Moro, Laia Valor, Miralda Salaij, Maria Zappalà, Chiara Pagliuca
front: Christina Georgopoulou, Chiara Solfi, Patrick Urech, Janine Meier
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

f.l.t.r.: Dr. Patrick Buschor, Kathi Mujynya (Head of Department), Dr. Darjan Andrejc, Brenda Serafim, Léa Philippe, Matteo Scaltritti
Quality Control

Quality Control

f.l.t.r.: Belén Cantó Martorell, Alessandro Fiscalini, Robert Pritchard, Dr. Joaquin Urdinez, Kathi Mujynya (Head of Department)
front: Jovita Kobler, Lisa Sannitz, Alexandra Hugo, Veronica Bösiger
Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

f.l.t.r.: Arina Löw, Kathi Mujynya (Head of Department), Chiara Solfi
Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance

f.l.t.r.: Jackie Vuistiner, Anne Wainaina, Dr. Daniela Marino (Head of Department), Sandra Wong-Brawand, Dr. Anke Ness, missing: Adeline Beaupoil
CUTISS Innovation

CUTISS Innovation

f.l.t.r.: Christophe Zimmer, Andreea Iordan, Cécile Cousin, Dr. Vincent Ronfard (Head of Department), Yaël Berton, Clarisse Broguet
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