denovoSkin (c) Frank Brüderli

Cutiss AG

Personalized bio-engineered tissue therapy to transform skin surgery

We are a Swiss emerging company focusing on innovation in regenerative medicine. Our first focus is to provide patients who suffer from large skin injuries and defects with personalized skin tissue therapy in a safe, effective and accessible manner.


CUTISS manufactures its lead product for clinical use
in its state of the art, certified Good Manufacturing Practice Facility
in Schlieren near Zurich.

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CUTISS has developed first-in-class machine for the automated production of tissue therapy. To secure scale-up, allow decentralization and achieve relevant cost reduction for the manufacturing of denovoSkin, CUTISS has been developing first-in-class automated bio-reactors with leading Swiss and international engineering partners. This pioneering, proprietary platform may also be used beyond skin for the next-priority human tissues (muscle, gums, etc.) in the future. 

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