Life after a severe burn accident

Lucy suffered a severe injury after her accident with boiling hot water and is brought to hospital emergency immediately, where she has to undergo many surgeries to save her life. Luckily everything goes well and after several treatments she is able to leave the hospital. But even many years after the incident, her deep and large scars affect Lucy’s mobility tremendously. Many follow-up surgeries are needed and physiotherapy belongs to her everyday life now…

The current treatment of burn wounds is called autografting. Skin is taken from a healthy part of the body and after meshing, it is transplanted to cover the wound. Apart from leaving scars on the victim, this standard method also causes pain and discomfort due to the tightness of the thin and inflexible skin. Especially growing children are affected. The consequences are many follow-up surgeries and intensive homecare. To make matters worse, often psycho-social rehabilitation is needed.

At CUTISS we aim to provide an innovative method with denovoSkin, that only requires a small stamp-size biopsy of healthy skin. In our labs, we grow it to a thick skin patch which will, after transplantation to the wound area, be able to grow with the patient and leave minimal scarring only.

We are confident that Lucy will help our researchers do their very important job to finally help our future patients in need!

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