Burn accident with hot water

First Aid for Scalds (Hot Liquid or Steam Thermal Burns)

It’s Daddy’s Birthday today and Lucy and her mum are going to surprise him with a nice dinner. But things are about to go wrong and something terrible happens…

Lucy’s skin is deeply and extensively insured by the hot water. She will need to undergo surgery to treat the deep wounds. But yet Lucy was lucky. Her mother had reacted quickly and with the right measures after the burn accident.

How to immediately react after sustaining a boiling water burn:

  • Stop contact with the source of the burn as quickly as possible.
  • Remove the clothing, unless it is stuck to the skin.
  • Cool the skin briefly with cool water.
  • Cover the affected area with clean, dry covering.
  • Do not apply any cream, oils or any other products on the burnt skin.

Seek immediate emergency aid if…

  • …the burn is very painful.
  • …the burn covers a large area of the body.
  • …the skin looks very severely injured, also if it causes no pain.

According to the American Burn Association more than 73% of burn injuries occur at home. Learn how to keep your family safe. Check out more helpful tips for burn prevention here

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