CUTISS and CSEM talk about the denovoCast (video)

In June we announced the development of the denovoCast, the world’s first machine that can produce personalized human skin tissue therapy.

As we mentioned at the time, this is a world-first innovation in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine that can lead to life-saving and life-changing medical treatments for millions of people with severe skin injuries.

We worked together with CSEM, our Swiss innovation partner, to develop a short video to mark this significant milestone.

“Burns are one of the leading unintended causes of death,” said our CEO Daniela Marino. “A machine can create human skin for severe burn therapy in large quantities without much human interactions.”

“For patients and treating physicians, it is important to have the skin graft quickly and in sufficient quantities. And this is the advantage of automation,” commented Vincent Revol, Head of Research and Business Development for Life Science Technologies at CSEM.

At this stage the denovoCast is a research and development machine, so CUTISS will test it, and use it for research and in preclinical contexts. In the future, the machine and technology could be applied to other uses beyond burns treatment.

“The next step is to get the denovoCast ready for human use and GMP certified. This requires additional support and financing so that we can achieve something that no one else yet has,” concluded Daniela.

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