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The leading industry media Fierce Biotech reported on the news that CUTISS sent human skin cells into space, for advanced R&D testing on the International Space Station.

Our Chief Innovation Officer Vincent Ronfard explained in his interview the reasons for conducting such experiments and what we hope to achieve.

The initial round of experiments will look at different dimensions of wound healing. One set of cultures contains wounded tissue, and we will focus on how long it takes a wound to close in microgravity. The second set will be used to study how extracellular matrix formation and collagen production differs between space and Earth. The projects will remain on the space station for four weeks before they’re returned.

When asked what was it that provoked CUTISS to take this step into space-based research, Vincent replied: “There are two ways of research: One is very organized, but you’re always in the mainstream, and the other is that you’re opportunistic and you say, ‘Okay, let’s try’. When you don’t set too many boundaries, you may find new things that are important.”

You can read the full article using the link below.

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