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Every year, large burns or a large skin transplantation tremendously affect the lives of millions of patients, pediatric patients, and their relatives. Indeed, standard of care is scarce and, still today, results too often into scars. CUTISS aims to offer the best possible skin replacement, denovoSkin: a safe, effective, accessible and permanent skin tissue treatment.

Our vision is big but our journey is challenging! It takes lots of people’s trust, support and commitment to succeed!

With your donation, you could support CUTISS’ research and clinical programs. Of course, you could also support a specific project or the work of a young scientist in the team.

Take part to the journey, come on board at CUTISS AG and help us change the lives of burn survivors!

Please contact us to involve yourself or use directly the following IBAN to contribute: Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zürich IBAN CH02 0700 0110 0065 8561 4

We thank you very much!